The Rainbow Room also has a "Builders yard".

Children love to do large construction, measuring and

counting play which encouraged lots of problem solving

and teamwork. Sand and water are always a favourite

and with various equipment to make play choices. There

is also a wet play zone for all sorts of messy and creative


Rainbows also enjoy a visit each week from either

                                 who brings lots of exciting

instruments for the Children to use whilst learning

new songs, or they can expect a visit from "Fizzy Tots" who come along with lots of equipment to encourage the Children to move, dance and be physical, working on their sense of balance, space and co ordination. Through dance, Children can express themselves using movement through a variety of dancing styles, forming a mixture of cultures incorporating music, rhyme and stories.

Square Square

Rainbows also have their own large playground for outdoor play. Whenever possible we encourage free flow play between indoors and outdoors. We also have Rainbow Alley where the Children are given the opportunity to look after plants, watching them grow throughout the changing seasons.

Each day Rainbows gather on the carpet for circle time, working on their sitting and listening skills.

This is when the Children get to talk about what they are going to do during the day, share any news, complete

the self register board and choose that days special helper. Children then enjoy their "get up and get moving" session to get them ready to start the day. Through play and investigation, the Children look at letters and numbers which will help to prepare them for reading and writing. Scientific play and creative activities offer a variety of experiences, encouraging natural investigation, the most important part of your Child's development in the foundation stage.

The playroom has designated areas including a home corner. Our mark making den incorporating IT equipment and a  book corner which is themed on "the Gruffalo". Children has a large variety of books to choose from. They are also able to access their own lending library borrowing a book to take home to share. The "Nursery Rhyme" quite area is where Children can enjoy small group games, independantly using equipment to enable them to enjoy talking books and singing CD's.

Singing songs is not only fun, research indicates that melodies and inflections can help Children to improve their language and communication skills, Children and Parents can enjoy extending our song of the week at home with our weekly song sheet.

Meal times are very important at Bobbles and we have a varied diet encouraging Children to try all kinds of food. During mealtimes Children are encouraged to self serve meals in order to promote their independance. A healthy fruit snack, water, milk or fresh juice is always available at the snack station.