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                           A large colourful room with loads of space to

                          practise walking skills, There are lots of floor

based activities where the Children develop their ability to share

and play. Tweenies participate in daily activities with a strong

focus on colours, this is achieved using various mediums. eg - paint,

crafting materials, dough etc. During the day, time is set aside

to sing favourite songs and nursery rhymes as well as listening

to stories together.




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The Tweenie room has direct access to our soft surface play area where they can enjoy time spent in the great outdoors making use of the sandpit, slide and sit - on and push along toys. Age appropriate tables and chairs allow for family style dining, promoting social and feeding skills. A separate tranquil sleep room with low level sensory lighting and soft music has individual beds so Children can sleep depending on their needs.

The Children have their own Key worker who will care for  

 their day to day needs. This Key worker will complete a  

  daily diary and continue to observe achievements with your  

   Child's progress being entered into their personal "All

    about Me" folder.

     The room incorporates a bathroom for nappy changing and

       potty training.