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                                                    Children aged from five to eleven years are welcome to

                                                    our Before and After School Club. During School

holidays Bigger Bobbles is also open as a holiday club which takes in outside excursions during the summer months.

Bigger Bobbles

When it's time

to chill out, pull

up a bean bag,

get comfy and settle

down to watch a bit of

TV with access to DVDs.

This multi - purpose room acts as both a

dining room and quiet play area.

Individual booths for dining make meal

times a very social affair. At tea time

we serve a selection of breads ie -

sliced, wraps, pittas or bagels, crackers

along with a choice of fillings such as

ham, cheese and tuna.

We offer a salad selection including

peppers, carrots, cucumber and rice.

Some days we also include hot food including cheese oatcakes,

pizza, fishfingers and hot dogs.

Fresh water is always available from the water fountain and Children can help themselves to fruit from the fruit basket which is always available

throughout the day. During School holidays, we serve a hot

lunch based on the menus offered to the lower Nursery.


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Offering a selection of both board and

      electronic games, this room also

       contains a collection of building

       apparatus which helps promote

        social skills.

Games Room

TV Room

Rain Forest Cafe

Art Room

Rounded square Circle Square

This room offers an opportunity for Children to create their very                      

                                      own "Van Gogh", providing hours of    

                                         perspiration fun and laughter.


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