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                                 A cosy self - contained unit incorporating a          

                                playroom, sleeproom and bathroom. Babies need an environment that not only stimulates their development but also evokes a feeling of safety and security. Research suggests using high contrasting tones such as black and white is a simple but effective way of stimulating a Baby's brain. This area is also designed to help them to develop focus.                                                                      

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At Bobbles we have achieved a Healthy Eating award and Babies are offered pureed fruit and vegetables at weening stage, progressing to blended, fresh home - made foods. You are asked to provide formula milk, the practitioners will prepare bottle feeds as required, breast milk can also be stored safely.

Breast feeding Mums are welcome to call in during the day to feed if they wish to. There is not a set routine in the Baby Room as we appreciate that every Baby is different and has their own individual needs, whether it be sleep or meal times. We always work to the Child/Parent routine to encourage a smooth transition between home life and Nursery.

At Bobbles we feel fresh air is

very important and the Baby

room accesses our soft play area

        where the Babies can play in    

         complete safety.

In the Baby Room your Child will be cared for, feeling happy and secure whilst having lots of fun. All practitioners are caring and will cater for all your Baby's requirements. We have a Key Worker system where one member of staff will be assigned to the everyday needs of your Baby.

The Key Worker will record your Baby's development and achievements by entering them into their "All about Me" folder which will follow them throughout Nursery life. A daily diary sheet will be completed for you to take home informing you of your Child's day at Nursery. ie - feeds, nappy changes, medication given etc. Each Baby has their own cot

in our softly - lit sleep room which is constantly monitored