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These shocking statistics led to the development of a multi-agency initiative called Stoke Speaks Out.Stoke Speaks Out is a partnership approach to tackle the causes of language delay in the City. Partners from Education, Health and Voluntary Sector joined forces to create a long-term vision of "a city that communicates - where children and young people are able to take full advantage of health, education and employment opportunities."

The multi-agency Stoke Speaks Out team includes professionals from Speech and Language Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Midwifery, Children and Young Peoples Services and the Pre-School Learning Alliance. Each agency contributes its expertise to help resolve the underlying issues causing language delay, and to promote secure parent-child attachment, positive parenting, early opportunity for development through play, quality language - promoting environments and quality support. Bobbles Day Nursery has attained a Level four award with regards to this project.

Eating habits are formed early in life, so it is important to provide Children with a healthy and varied diet to establish good habits for the future.

The Healthy Under 5s programme aims to instill healthy eating behaviours in children and improve their eating habits through provision of appropriate foods, role modelling, food related activities and education and working with parents.

As a Childcare provider of Children under 5 years of age, Bobbles Day Nursery is in an important position to

help shape their eating habits.


Examples of Key Outcomes


  *    Children are provided with healthy, nutritious snacks and meals

  *    Children are given the opportunity to try a variety of foods

  *    Children are encouraged to try and eat fruits and vegetables

  *    Children are given the opportunity to eat in a pleasant and safe environment

  *    Mealtimes are shared with staff and other children

  *    We have increased our staff's knowledge of healthy eating

  *    Only drinks that are tooth friendly are provided during the day

  *    Increased staff and parental awareness of national initiatives relating to healthy eating e.g change4life

  *    Staff adhere to a nutrition and a healthy celebrations policy

  *    Children are provided with healthy food when celebrating events e.g Chinese new year.

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All staff at Bobbles Day Nursery are trained to a minimum of NVQ level 3

All Staff hold  current First Aid, Speech and Language, Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Food and Hygiene qualifications.

We send Staff to regular training and workshops to ensure they continue to develop in their knowledge of Childcare and Education

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Language underpins all learning. Without language Children are unable to make friends, socialise and learn. The consequences of growing up with a language delay include low educational attainment, poor job prospects and often, anti social behaviour. The national incidence of language difficulty is estimated to be around 10-12% of the population (ICAN survey).

In Stoke on Trent, local research in 2001 indicated that around 70% of Children entering nursery had a language delay.

After an inspection of our Nursery Kitchen on the 7th March 2013. we are delighted to announce that we were given a standard of 5 (very good) which is the highest mark available.