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We are open five days a week Monday to

Friday from 7.30am to 6pm excluding Bank

Holidays and Christmas. Our large spacious

facility is split into rooms designed

specifically for the needs of the age range

of the Children.

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It's the learning journey that is important not necessarily an end product.......

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About us

The Baby Room cares for Children from six weeks to one year of age. Between the ages

     of one and two years Children move to the Tweenies before progressing to the Teddy

          Bears looking after two to three year-olds. The Rainbow Room is for pre -  

               School Children from three to five years. Finally Bigger Bobbles is situated on

                    the first floor of the Nursery and offers facilities for Children aged

                        between five and eleven years. All rooms, as well as front and rear

                          entrances, have security coded locks and the Nursery has CCTV

                            throughout the building.

                                      The Nursery also has four outside play areas. Outside

                                        play is a very important part of the Nursery day.

                                        Being outdoors has a positive impact on a Child's

                                        sense of well - being and helps all aspects of their

                                        development, offering opportunities to do things

                                        in different ways and on a different scale than

                                       when indoors. The outdoor environment gives

                                      Children freedom to explore, use their senses, be

                                    physically active and exuberant gaining first hand

                                contact with the weather, changing  seasons and the

                             natural world around them.

                                                 Choosing the right setting for your Child is a difficult decision

                                           for any Parent to make and it is important that your Child not only

                                 feels safe and secure but that the setting gives them the ability to

                              develop positively as individuals. Our philosophy includes providing

                               Children in our care with a varied healthy diet (Bobbles has achieved a

                                National Healthy Eating Award) plenty of fresh air, exercise and most

                                 importantly, to provide them with stimulating materials which will give

                                  them the opportunity to develop at their own pace helping them to learn

                                   the new skills that will be so important when they start at School. We

                                     work in close partnership with Parents and Carers to ensure that every

                                      Child is given the best opportunity to develop, providing a tailored

                                       learning journey for all ages.

                           Bobbles has been an established OFSTED registered

                           Childcare provision in the Fenton area of Stoke on Trent

since 1991. The Nursery cares for Children ranging from six weeks to five

years of age as well as being able to offer a Before and After School and

holiday club facility for Children up to the age of eleven.


Rainbows enjoying a visit from "Fizzy Tots"

Bobbles  are pleased to announce that they received their latest OFSTED 

                inspection on 8th March 2019 and that we were awarded -


                by the OFSTED Inspector.



                                                            We believe a Nursery education gives Children a great start in life, not

                                            just in their ability to learn but also in the practise of developing relationships

                            both with adults and the other Children around them. We also believe that play should be freely

          chosen by the Children and be under the control of the Child in a safe, caring and nurtured setting, knowing

how and when to seek help. Play encourages a Child's willingness to explore, experiment and try new things

enabling Children to be inventive, to create problems and find solutions. Play engages Childrens bodies, minds

and emotions. Through play, Children will learn to interact with others, experience and manage feelings, to be

in control and confident about themselves and their own abilities developing a "can do" orientation to learning.

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